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Starship Guines

The Starship Guines was a colony ship, intended to spread humanity to the stars. However, an accident caused it to crash land on Poneren roughly 2 centuries before the discovery of magic.  


The crew and passanger population of Guines was just over 10,000. This included Erran Emswort captain of the ship and the first governor of the original Guines colony.  


The crash on Poneren was caused by a programming error in the system. The crew of the ship did everything they could to try to correct the problem, but the issue was discovered too late, and the ship was unable to overcome their trajectory.   Rather than wasting more time trying to fix what had been deemed an unfixable problem, Captain Erran Emswort made the difficult call to find the best location they cound and attempt the safest landing possible. The landing being a crash wasn't held against him or the rest of the crew, but rather the fact that both the entire population and cargo survived was celebrated.  


The ship contained all of the goods necessary to start a new colony, including crop seeds and farm animals such as Horses and Goats. The technology on the ship would have been capable of contacting Earth and getting assistance, but the location of Poneren prevented messages from getting out.   With colonist's time being wasted trying to contact home rather than handling the needs of a fresh colony, the difficult decision was made to lock the technology back up in the ship and leave it off-limits. Eventually, survival needs took over, and the history and technology treasure trove were forgotten, buried in the ship and under the tower that was built atop it.


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