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A four-legged beast of burden, the horse is used for both riding and pulling. Horses on Poneren are visually identical to the horses of Earth.   Most commonly, horses are used to pull wagons and carts. With the wheel being allowed technology, even in the darkest of Poneren's history, horses have always been an important component of Poneren infrastructure.   Since their arrival on Poneren, horses have broken free, and horses can be found in the wild.  








The magic of Poneren has modified the horses of Poneren over the centuries.  


Horses on Poneren are both faster and stronger than the horses of Earth, increasing these qualities by roughly 20%. In exchange for this increased ability, the horses do require both more food and rest than an Earth horse would need.   Rest effectively doesn't make a difference, as the sleep needed by Poneren horses is still less than the normal 6-8 hours even magical humans need. Food, however, is a noticable increase, requiring 20-25 pounds of hay per day, or roughly a 25-33% increase in nutritional requirement.  

Magical Abilities

The horse has no known magical abilities. Rumors exist of unicorns and flying horses, but none have been recorded or discovered by magical researchers. It is suspected that these rumors are just dreams and memories of a time otherwise long forgotten.
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