Horseback Riding

Humans domesticated horses. One use for horses is riding them. When riding horses, they will travel at one of four speeds: walk, trot, canter, or gallop. The top running speed for someone on horseback depends on various factors such as how long it needs to maintain the speed, the size of the rider, the terrain, and the breed of horse.   The fastest horses on Poneren carrying a standard adult male rider can reach over 60 MPH in short bursts, or maintain a 45-50 MPH speed for a more extended range.  







Guines Edict

Horseback Riding an allowed technology.   Although other types of travel (such as teleportation) are possible, people are still allowed to use horses (as well as donkeys and mules and other similar creatures) for transportation.



Aura is used to build a bond between horse and rider.


Fortitude is used to build stamina, allowing longer journeys via horseback.


Quickness is used to direct the mount across changing terrain and in changing circumstances.


Senses is used to recognize changes in terrain and circumstances, to allow Quickness to make such changes.


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