Spell: Metalwork Repair


This spell allows the magician to repair broken and bent metalwork.  


Metalwork repair happens via one of these methods:  


The magician using Aura can change the mechanics of the metal itself, causing it to react differently to the world. This may cause things that would normally harm the metal to fix it instead.  

Common Side Effect

  • The metal being repaired may react in unexpected ways to the world.
  • The properties of another substance may be swapped with that of the metal.
  • Various alchemical substances may be consumed to supply new properties.


The magician using Gravitas can affect the structure of the metal itself, fixing any bends and breaks in it and returning it to its natural shape.  

Common Side Effect

  • Additional metal (of the same type) may be consumed for repairs
  • The imperfections in the target metal may be transferred to another source.
  • Heat (from a nearby fire or other source) may be consumed for repairs.


The magician using Quickness makes changes to the metal and the world around it to cause the metal to become fixed.  

Common Side Effect

  • Another substance may take the metal's imperfections.


A magician using Senses may change the mechanics of the world in ways that cause the metal to be fixed.  

Common Side Effect


Relevant Science


Fundamental Principles

Metallurgy is a fundamental principle of metal repair.  

Preventative Knowledge

The better metal is understood, the harder it is to fix it.  


This spell can be specialized in both different specific types of metal, or specific shapes the metal may want to be held in. For example, a jeweler may specialize in gold metal repair, or in chain metal repair.  


The second spell Dalin Gliss used was a Quickness and Senses variant of metalwork repair.


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