Metalworking is a skill where metal is heated and shaped. During the earlier days of Poneren, little metal was needed and the focus was on survival. With the technology from the Starship Guines, a lengthy buffer of time allowed humans to settle the planed before they needed to be concerned with finding and shaping metal.   Between 50 and 100 years on the planet, enough tools were breaking down and the end of the technology they brought with them was sufficiently evident that metalworking was required to be able to fix tools without needing to rely on the Starship Guines and its technology. Once forges were built to repair tools, industrious explorers began to seek out metal deposits on the planet itself. The location chosen supplied sufficient metal to fill all of the needs until the Guines Edict caused mining to halt. Once mining was able to resume, magic was capable of supplying any needs the planet itself did not.  







Guines Edict

Metalworking was a forbidden technology   Under the Guines Edict, metalworking was forbidden, both because it required too much technology, and because it was useful in the production of other technologies.
Creativity is required for recognizing what shape the metal should have.  
Fortitude is required for the ability to have the endurance for lengthy projects.  
Might is required for the ability to move large amounts of metal.  
Quickness is required for the ability to move metal as desired.  
Senses is required to recognize how metal should be moved.


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