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Guines Edict

The Guines Edict was released by King Michem Emswort the day after the Burning of the Library of Guines. It was suggested and drafted by members of the Teles Order after protecting the king during rioting that took place during and after the fall of the Library.   This document describes both the appropriate types of magic and technology that can be used, as well as forbids any use of science.   The List of Acceptable Magical Spells and the List of Acceptable Technology changed over time as needs arose or problems were discovered.


This document was written both to calm the populace's fears about science and technology, and to expand the power of magicians in general, and the Teles Order specifically.

Document Structure

Publication Status

Copies of the law were made available at central locations in each town on Murriet, although those in Berkham were for reference rather than law.   The original is kept on file in the capital of Emswort.

Legal status

This document was written to be law in Emswort but was also accepted in Tiveley and Darter.   Berkham rejected this law.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

Most of Murriet had enough distrust of science and technology that they were glad to see their practice become illegal.   The scientists that had migrated to Berkham were unsurprised by this development, but still angry that it occurred.


After reintegration of science and technology, the history of having written and published this became problematic for Emswort. Later kings publicly apologized for the division they had caused.   The Teles Order's participation in this document had been forgotten by that time, leaving all blame to lay squarely on the Emswort royalty.
Decree, Royal
Authoring Date
26th of Early-Fall, 379
Ratification Date
26th of Early-Fall, 379
Signatories (Characters)







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