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Archery is a skill where a bow and arrows are used to shoot at a target. Through most of Poneren's history, archery was a method of hunting used for survival. In that time, archery has also been used both in various conflicts, and as a sport.  







Guines Edict

Archery was a licensed technology that changed to be allowed   Under the Guines Edict, archery was deemed one of the least technological methods of hunting and warfare. While magic was preferred, archery was allowed. Initially, to avoid having too dangerous and armed a populace, the government attempted to require licenses for anyone wielding a bow. However, as the recognition that magic was more dangerous and easier to conceal, and to cut the costs required in licensing a majority of the rural (and difficult to reach and watch) populace, the licensing requirement was dropped several years after the Edict was given.
Fortitude is required for the physical manipulation of bow and arrow. With more fortitude, the user is capable of using stronger bows and preparing their shots.  
Quickness is required for the physical manipulation of bow and arrow. With more quickness, the user is capble of making the minute adjustments required to handle changing conditions.  
Senses is required for the recognition of changing conditions. This both covers recognizing and tracking moving targets, as well as the recognition of weather and atmospheric changes that may affect the flight of the arrow.


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