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Technology is the practical application of science. New technological advancements are invented both as existing scientific knowledge is applied in novel ways and as new understanding of scientific principles are discovered.   Technology and magic often are different ways of achieving the same end. Where technology requires a deep understanding of how the world works and making use of the existing rules of the universe, magic can apply the existing rules of the universe without a deep understanding of them, or can change the rules to allow new effects.   As technology and magic are in many ways opposites, it is difficult to use both in conjunction. Sufficient understanding of the technology to produce a working mechanism makes spells related more difficult to cast. On the other hand, having the pure belief required for magic generally implies insufficient knowledge to create a similar technology.   Technology can be used without an understanding of the underlying mechanisms and methods needed. However, without an understanding of the technology itself, attempting to use a technological device does not imply technological use. Rather, the user may subconciously be casting a magical spell which has a similar effect, without making use of the available technology.   Due to the nature of magic and the effect that simple observation can have on magic itself, it is difficult or impossible to determine if technology or magic is in use.   With the Guines Edict, technology in general is disallowed. The exceptions of allowed (licensed or otherwise) technology is given in the Guines Edict: List of Acceptable Technology document.

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