Singing is a skill where the musician vocalizes music. Singing is a method allowing the singer to express feelings and emotions beyond what goes into words, to celebrate or worship, or even just to pass time. It can calm children and encourage armies.   Throughout the history of Poneren, singing has been a common accompanyment for magic, and assists some magicians in formulating their thoughts and feelings in a way that enables them to cast spells. After the introduction of Lexology, singing became an alternate form, using spoken or sung runes instead of written ones.  







Guines Edict

Singing was an allowed technology.
Creativity in singing is used to piece together sounds and notes into a meaningful order and in improvisation of music.
Fortitude in singing gives increased lung capacity and an ability to stretch the singer's length of time and musical range.
Knowledge is used for memorized songs, compared to improvised songs.
Senses are used in singing to help the singer connect to the audience and keep them engaged with the music.


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