With magic being founded on belief, an important aspect is in the magician understanding what they believe. While this can be built up out of pure thought, more commonly a magician will use aids to help both understand what they believe, and recognize what pieces of their beliefs still need to be filled out.   The most common form of building beliefs (AKA, casting spells) is done via runes. Rune magic (lexology) is a method by which the magician (lexographer) can write a (generally two-dimensional) formula out of runes which not only lists what they expect should be changing, but also lists the interconnected beliefs that also must be held for the change to work. Each rune has various connection points which help the lexographer formulate how they want things to change, and remember how these changes fit into an interconnected world.   Lexologists are the lexographers that not only use runes they have learned, but whom create their own runes to better formulate beliefs in the world.


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