Hunting is a skill that encompasses the acts required to find and kill animals, bringing them back as usable material (meat, skin, etc.). This includes tracking, killing, any field dressing any caught game.  


Hunters could specialize in different types of terrain, different types of game, and/or different types of weapons used in hunting.  







Guines Edict

Hunting was an allowed technology   Under the Guines Edict, hunting was allowed, but specific technologies that could be used in hunting were not. For example, tracking animals was acceptable, but using traps or any weapons more advanced than bows and arrows were not.
Aura is required for an understanding of the animals being tracked and how they act within the world. With a strong aura ability, hunters are more capable of determining when and where animals might be discovered, and how animals will react while being hunted.
Fortitude is required for the physical processes needed in a long hunt. Trudging through difficult terrain, carrying weapons, or hauling catches back all require fortitude.
Might is required for some types of weapons used in hunting. For example, a bow needs might in pulling back the string, or a knife needs might in cutting.
Senses is required for recognizing how animals are reacting to the world around them during a hunt.


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