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Jewelry Making

Jewelry Making is a skill where the artist produces pieces of art intended to be worn on a person. This encompasses a variety of materials (metal, gemstones, wood, bone) and ways to be worn (rings, necklaces, pendants, hair pins, earrings, etc.)  







Guines Edict

Jewelry Making was a forbidden technology. Rather than adornments of physically created and fastened materials, adornments in absence of technology had to be magical.
Creativity is used to recognize how the various components available can be merged and shaped to create a piece of jewelry.
Gravitas is used to fashion long-lasting jewelry that can withstand the test of time. It's required to understand how separate materials may be joined together and in reocgnizing how the materials will wear over time.
Knowledge is used to understand common techniques that can be used and properties of materials.
Quickness is used to physically maneuver the small pieces of a piece of jewelry into the positions desired.


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