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Teles Council

Roughly a century after the discovery of magic, the scientific minds recognized the need for magic to be studied, while the ruling class knew this ability would need some regulation to prevent unbounded power within the populace.   By the time magic had spread throughout the populace, it was too late to prevent its usage. But the abilities it allowed were growing apparently without bound, and there was little understood beyond what individuals had learned themselves. The King of Emswort at the time founded the Council to study magic and determine ways that it could be used, but shouldn't.   The founding of the Council was formal recognition that not only did magic exist, but it was an important fundamental part of society. This recognition is the most important turning point in Poneren history, and the date from which time is counted.   Guines, being the capital of Emswort and most important city in the world at the time became the home of the Council. When the capital itself moved a few centuries later, the Council and Nation of Emswort had become less intertwined, so the Council kept its headquarters in Guines.   With ease of travel across Murriet, especially for powerful magicians, the Council members themselves could live anywhere, and still continue their work.


  • Head Councilor - Leads meetings, chooses agendas, limited to 1. Does not vote other than to break ties.
  • Voting Councilors - Set policy, limited to 18
  • Council Member - Studies magic, reports uses and discovers problems, unlimited
  • Council Scrivener - Record keepers, historians, limited to 12
  Members may have multiple roles within the council, although the head councilr cannot be a voting councilor.

Public Agenda

Understand magic to keep it useful and safe for the world.

Standing between the mysteries of magic and the weakness of man.

Founding Date
Education, Magic
Alternative Names
The Council
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories

The Order uses the Council as a pawn.


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