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Guines - Unearthed Era

During the Unearthed Era, Guines is the largest city on Poneren, the center of the Nation of Emswort, and effectively the captial of the world. With the Starship Guines crashsite as part of the city, Guines is the only place that technology is available, even though by that time, technology is beginning to fall apart and is used little.   See Guines Schooling - 203 OP  

Notable Businesses

  Gliss Butcher Shop


Mostly log buildings and dirt roads, the city is quickly expanding and growing. Some of the older buildings nearer the Starship Guines are being replaced with stone buildings and are being surrounded by cobblestone roads.


Guines is high in the central mountain range of Murriet at the fork of a river where the Starship Guines crashed. It is surrounded by forest, and over the last tens of years has begun having some minor roads built to small nearby settlements.


Guines has a mountain climate -- it is cool in the summer and cold in the winter. They get significant amounts of rain, with the "wet season" being "any time it's not cold enough for snow".
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