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Unearthed Era

After crashing on Poneren, their technology continued to work, and the colonists depended on this technology for their daily living. But without contact back to home, entropy hit, and the technology began to fall apart. Slowly degrading, the people learned to live off of the land instead of relying on technology.   The Unearthed Era takes place starting 203 years after landing on Poneren (-107 Early Age). The use of the old technology was rationed and rare. Most people accepted this and embraced Poneren and all it was able to provide. One boy, Dalin Gliss, didn't and longed for the past. But looking to the past, that boy stumbled into the future.   This era covers the explosion of magic from its discovery through the initial surge of discovery, understanding and use over the next twenty years.  

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Articles under Unearthed Era

Cover image: by Jonathan D. Wilson
  • 107 EA

    10 /2 18:00

    Dalin Gets in Trouble
    Disaster / Destruction

    Working in his parents' butcher shop, Dalin Gliss gets distracted, destroying an entire side of venison. He's expected to spend his next day off hunting to replace the side, in preparation for a mid-winter solstice holiday in Guines.

  • 107 EA

    12 /2 06:00

    Dalin Goes Hunting

    Although not normally a good hunter, Dalin Gliss has to try replacing the venison he destroyed earlier in the week, expecting the food will be needed for the mid-winter festival.

  • 107 EA

    13 /2 9:00

    Discovery of Magic
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event
    Additional timelines
  • 107 EA

    15 /2

    Guines' Mid-winter Solstice Festival
    Gathering / Conference

    Celebrated every year, the Guines' Mid-Winter Solstice Festival was a communal celebration where the entire village came together.   This festival is different as Dalin Gliss and his friends begin to recognize there's more to the world than anyone believes.


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