Dalin Gliss

Dalin Gliss (a.k.a. Dal)

Dalin Gliss was the first person on Poneren to make use of Magic.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Relatively poor condition due to not taking good care of himself. He avoided any manual labor he could reasonably get away with, but being in a colony did have a significant amount of work necessary.

Facial Features

A thin pointy nose sticks out prominently from the middle of his face.

Identifying Characteristics

Dark hair, dark narrow eyes. Even after maturing, his eyes continued to look angry at the world no matter the happiness in his heart or smile.

Special abilities

Dalin enjoys playing the violin

Specialized Equipment

Dalin inherited a violin from his grandfather, an instrument that was carried aboard the Starship Guines from Earth.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Dalin's youth was plauged by the recognition that Poneren wasn't a very pleasant place to be. The technology brought on Starship Guines was breaking down and used sparingly and society had mostly reverted to a hunter/gatherer tribal society. While many people of the colonly prospered in the environment, it was harsh and difficult, and Dalin desired an easier way.   This anger led him to a number of difficulties in his youth, but was blunted as he matured and discovered that there was more to Poneren than anybody knew: magic.   With his first use of magic, he quickly became fascinated by it and learning more about it, wiht his anger being replaced with curiosity.   His anger and distrust of others led him to recognize magic for what it was when most others in the village persisted in thinking that it was natural phenomena, not something beyond the scope of science.


Grade-school equivalent for most things, but some recognition of larger use and capabilities of technology. Trained in practical matters of hunting, field dressing, and butchering by his father.


As a youth, he worked in his father's butcher shop. After his discovery of magic, he began working with the scientists to study the phenomenon.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Discovered magic. What more does one need do?

Mental Trauma

A person born out of the place and time he believed he belonged in, he was unable to form strong bonds with others in his community and was generally seen as an outcast.

Intellectual Characteristics

Continually striving to understand more, an intelligent person with significant limitations due to his circumstances.


Family Ties

Member of the Gliss Family
17 in Early-Winter 203 OP
Date of Birth
16th of Late Summer
Presented Sex
Dark brown
Short, thick, rough, black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

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