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Dalin's Violin

Dalin Gliss inherited a violin from his grandfather as a young child, and due to its history and connection to their past, he spent a lot of time learning to play the instrument.   His sister Veria, as a creative person, was jealous of his violin. But the jealousy didn't prevent her from enjoying listening to her brother play as he became adept with the instrument.


Brought to Poneren on the Starship Guines.
Item type
Musical Instrument
Creation Date
137 years before Poneren
Current Holder
This violin was one of 12 that were brought to Poneren on the Starship Guines. Many more violins were built on Poneren, but none could have the provenance of Dalin's.
Raw materials & Components
This violin was built of a combination of spruce and maple.


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