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Reference: Magic Researchers

In the world of magic, researchers are constantly trying to find new ways to understand and change the source and effects of magic. While some research is focused on improving existing spells and magical effects, other research is devoted to finding new ways to use magic.   Magic researchers have made great strides in understanding the causes and effects of magic since Dalin Gliss discovered it. However, the beliefs of magic change through the eras. Some researchers in some times believe that there are hidden sources of magic that have yet to be discovered. Others believe that magic is constantly changing, and that we must continually adapt our spells and magical practices to keep up with these changes.   Whatever the case may be, it is clear that magic research is an important field that can has a profound impact on both how magic affects the world, and on how people affect magic.  


Green - Lexology Era Blue - Unearthed Era Red - Other Eras
Magic Research 100

General Magic Researchers


Lexology Researchers



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