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Elina Bucknight

Elina Annel Bucknight (a.k.a. Lina)


Early Life

Elina Bucknight was born to Councilman Wester Bucknight and Shelle Bucknight in 441. Her mother died shortly after, and she was raised by her father an nanny, Olissa Gardson.


In 447 at the age of 6, her father sent her away to school at Riselle Academy For Magical Girls. An eager student, she struggled as most of her teachers expected rote memorization, not a deeper understanding of the topics.   While not close, Elina formed a fondness for the school's headmistress, Headmistress Zenia Allmand and the cookies the elder lady always had available. The headmistress recognized Elina's thirst for knowledge and introduced her to Marten Theus and his study.   While the older man encouraged her to work on one of the difficult problems of the day, the difficulty of unbounded side-effects of magical spells, he was also draining her life himself.   Her best friend and one of Theus's star apprentices, Ameron Binkley helped her discover this and eventually saved her life.  

Science Lab

In 458 at the age of 17 Elina left school and spent time with forbidden scientific persuits.  

Late Life


Magic Research

Elina worked with Ameron Binkley to consider the problem of how magical side-effects becoming increasingly problematic in the world. As a result of this research, the pair argued over the role of adding structure to Magicm in the form of lexology, or adding structure to magic in the form of science.  

Science Research

Physical Description

Facial Features

Glasses being unpopular, her face is frequently unnoticed behind the glasses she wears.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Councilman Wester Bucknight had the best for Elina for the first five years of her life, as she lived at their home in Vermar. Although the man had little time for his daughter, he supplied her with the best educational toys and teachers and pushed her to be ahead of expectations for her age.   Without a mother around, she strongly desired affection from her father. The lack of affection shown from him pushed her harder to prove herself to him, taking every word of approval as a treasure, whether they came from him directly or indirectly through others.   Once she moved to begin her schooling at the Riselle Academy for Magical Girls, she became more focused on being the best. However, her idea of what was best was measured against her understanding of her father, not what the school itself wanted. This led to problems with many teachers in a society that was trying to breed followers and blind faith. Leaders and those with self-confidence in their knowledge were discouraged.   Elina found a kinship with Ameron Binkley. Even though they had very different views of the world, they shared a thirst for knowledge and improvement that was rare in the world of their time. Through a mistaken understanding of her father, Elina's love was shifted more toward the forbidden sciences, while Ameron's was for the mystical and magical.


Elina spent ages 6-17 at the Riselle Academy for Magical Girls learning about magic and society. While the institution normally taught girls how to function as ladies of society, Elina showed a deeper interest in learning than was expected or much appreciated by most of the school. This led her to an independent study with Councilman Marten Theus in 455 at the age of 14.   Elina spent the next 3 years partially in school and partially working with Ameron Binkley, not just learning but paving their own way in knowledge of magic and its side-effects.

Mental Trauma

Losing her mother at a very young age, and without a father presence for most of her life, the girl craved the attention of those she saw in authority.   Being focused on her father's approval, her hard work made her stand out amongst her peers, frequently bringing her bullying and separation from those nearest to her age. She told herself she didn't need the others around her, but deep within she knew she wanted a friend.

Intellectual Characteristics

Friendly, but difficult to connect to close friends. She sees the world differently than is expected, wanting more than others around her want and that frightens them. People generally can't put their finger on why being around her makes them uncomfortable, as she never does anything that seems likely to push people away, but the certainty she has for life and what she wants out of it scares people.

Personality Characteristics



Religious Views

Elina disagrees with the blind faith society holds in magic and prefers a scientific understanding of the world.

Social Aptitude

Her self-confidence and drive tends to hold people at arm's length.


Elina Bucknight

Friend (Vital)

Towards Ameron Binkley



Ameron Binkley

Friend (Vital)

Towards Elina Bucknight




Olissa Gardson

Nurse (Vital)

Towards Elina Bucknight



Elina Bucknight

Ward (Important)

Towards Olissa Gardson



Elina Stats


Primary Aptitude: Quickness
Secondary Aptitude: Senses
Tertiary Aptitude: Gravitas
441 464
Circumstances of Death
Died as a result of the Teles Order attempting to avoid a prophecy. Obviously her death led to the prophecy coming true.
Wide, deep blue
Medium, blonde, unkempt
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Fair white
125 lbs
Aligned Organization

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