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Wester Bucknight

Wester Bucknight was an intelligent boy, born to prominent merchant parents in the middle of the first dark age. Sent to an excellent school for gifted magicians, he quickly rose in the school, passing most of the other students in his school, regardless of class.   At the young age of 26, Wester found a place on the Teles Council, having spent just a handful of years working in public service improving the city and serving the king. His parents arranged an introduction to the woman whom would eventually be his wife, Shelle, and the two felt respect but little love for each other. Their relationship brought her family prestige, and his found connections for their business practices.   Work on the Teles Council led to long hours and a lot of traveling, but eventually Elina Bucknight was born.   During the frequent travels, Wester talked much with Melladris Ision, a diplomatic guest of the Teles Council. Unknown to Wester, Melladris himself had been a member of the Teles Council nearly a century and a half prior, but had stepped down to keep himself out of the spotlight and able to do the work of the Teles Order.   During these journeys, Melladris encouraged Wester's love of magic and hatred of science, helping him to recognize that science would ultimately be the downfall of all they held important. Swayed by his persuasive tongue, Wester's desire to rid the world of scientific knowledge grew.   Eventually, the Teles Order extended Wester an invitation which, on learning their purpose, he was ecstatic to join.   Through this time, Wester became increasingly difficult to be around for his wife, as she and her family still continued minor levels of scientific practice. Eventually, she had too much of the man's increasingly abusive tone, and was preparing to leave, taking her daughter with her. However, Wester discovered her plot, and rather than letting the woman take his only daughter away, he used Traumathy and stole her life-force for his own.   The man felt ashamed whenever he saw his daughter, knowing that what he had done was wrong, but still loving her and wanting to be in her life. The shame kept him from the girl, though, leaving her in the care of her nanny, a servant from his wife's parents' household.   Unable to keep the girl in his home, as soon as he was able, he sent her to one of the best magic schools in the country and dismissed her nanny. She progressed slowly in the school, however, and her apparent stupidity led him to be further ashamed, now of the way his daughter's abilities reflected on him.   He still loved her, however. When Melladris came to him, showing him that Elina was to lead to the downfall of the Teles Order, Wester couldn't believe it, both because his daughter had shown no ability in that area, and because he couldn't believe that she would destroy their way of life.  

Mental characteristics


Wester is best trained in the Mutist and Partist magical classes.


Shelle Bucknight

Wife (Trivial)

Towards Wester Bucknight



Wester Bucknight

Husband (Trivial)

Towards Shelle Bucknight



Agression: 70% Active, 30% Passive
Direction: 60% Internal, 40% External
Realm: 25% Mind, 75% Body
Year of Birth


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