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Lexology Trilogy

The Lexology Trilogy takes place during a time of turmoil and strife. Relations between nations are beginning to fall apart for the first time in recorded and remembered history. Magic, the foundation of all of not only society, but the entire world, appears to be falling apart and tearing everything apart with it.   Two children are born into this world. Their background couldn't be more different: her father is one of the most powerful men in the known world, while he was left as an orphan at the age of two.

Plot points/Scenes

Book 1: The Need For Lexology

  The Need for Lexology describes the history and downfall of the world and the problems that Lexology is needed to fix. This centers on Ameron Binkley and Elina Bucknight and their relationships and on the destruction coming to the world because of its reliance on magic.  

Book 2: The Creation of Lexology

The Creation of Lexology describes the creation of Lexology and how Ameron Binkley and Elina Bucknight's relationship leads to it. It shows a slow of the problems in the world, but reveals that problems continue to grow.  

Book 3: The Failings of Lexology

The Failings of Lexology continues the (slowed) downfall of the world, and uses Elina Bucknight's death to bring a complete solution to turn the world back to the correct path.  


Randomness and chaos are necessary to demonstrate the increasing tension of unrestrained magic and the limitations science imposes.



The world is decaying, humanity is doomed. This both needs to be recognized and stopped, with the world put back onto an upward path.   This should occur in the context of Ameron and the need for relationships that he can't seem to form.




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