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Corus is a cat owned by Ameron Binkley and friend of Elina Bucknight. A golden Egyptian Mau, he was inherited by Ameron when the boy's home burned down.   Corus is a representation of the universe's desire for science and magic to peacefully coexist. Corus pushes Ameron toward choices to work the world in that direction and protect the boy to allow him opportunities to improve the world.   The cat's death helps mend a rift between Ameron and Elina to begin healing the rift between science and magic. His death also begins teaching Ameron that while there may not be actual limitations to magic, there are important ethical considerations.   Corus became known well after his death as Ameron became famous and his past became more interesting to people of the world. His role in the boy's choices and the creation of Lexology becomes famous and creates a general love for the anima.

Physical Description

Body Features

Four legs, a tail, whiskers, Corus is a regular cat.

Special abilities

Corus is connected to the world and is capable of casting magical spells.

Personality Characteristics


Corus attempts to bring scientific thinking back into the world.

Likes & Dislikes

Corus likes fish, milk, and sleeping in the sun.   Corus dislikes water, being chased, and being surrounded by people he doesn't know.


Being a cat, Corus spends a significant portion of his day grooming himself.


Family Ties

Owned by the Binkley family, specifically Binkley for the majority of his life.


A deeper cat's meow, Corus also purrs with a loud rumbling purr when happy and content. His hisses are rare and tend to sound like the beginnings of coughing up a hairball.
438 459
Circumstances of Death
Corus' death brings Ameron and Elina back together, teaching the boy about ethical limitations of magic.
Short, soft
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Golden striped
Quotes & Catchphrases


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