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A city on the border between Emswort and Tiveley, Vermar is a large trade and diplomatic city. With the ocean to the south and mountains to the north, Vermar fills a bottleneck separating the two nations from each other, forcing the majority of traffic and trade through the city.   Vermar was founded as a border town prior to the founding of Tively. As the land east of Vermar was claimed, Vermar began to grow and become an important connection between the two friendly nations.   Vermar proper is officially owned by the¬†Nation of Emswort, with the Nation of Tively¬†controlling Vermar East.  

Diplomatic Center

As a diplomatic center, Vermar houses diplomats for Emswort, Tiveley, and Darter. After the end of the Emswort/Berkham war, Berkham was also supplied an embassy, making Vermar the main diplomatic center on Murriet.  

Mercantile Center

As a mercantile center, Vermar mostly sells goods from Emswort and Tiveley, the two neighboring countries. Darter is also nearby, adding their specialties to the market.   Due to its location and international population, all the related governments have agreed to make Vermar tax free, leaving the only taxes collected within Vermar to be those imposed by Vermar itself for its own needs. These taxes are minimal, with most of the funds needed to run the city supplied directly by the various governments.


Nominally under control of Emswort, Vermar has significant leeway in laws and rules within its borders due to the international makeup and direction of the city.
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