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King of Emswort

The King of Emswort is a title that can be traced back to the early days on Poneren. As the oldest and strongest nation for most of the early history through the first magical and dark ages, this position was one of, if not the most powerful on Murriet.   Historically, the King of Emswort ruled from his estate in Guines, then capital of Emswort. After the Library of Guines was destroyed, the capital wanted to distance itself from the history of Guines and moved downstream to the ocean, founding the 2nd Capital of Emswort.   The King of Emswort is generally not a military leader, relying on generals to handle the majority of military matters. The king is in charge of higher-level questions and more diplomatic matters. Thus the king may start wars, but generally doesn't fight them.   The position is passed down the Emswort family line. It may ship generations, with the king choosing his successor from his descendants.   During the fallout around the fall of the Library of Guines, the kingship was almost overthrown, but was saved by members of the Teles Order. This was used to gain concessions from the royalty until the reintroduction of science when the secretive Teles Order fell deeper into the shadows.   The Teles Council was created by an early King of Emswort, and remains under his direct supervision. As this group achieves almost religious status, this effectively makes the king the head of a religion practiced throughout Murriet.


Erran Emswort was voted the first governor of Guines. As the area grew and people moved away, this was increased to cover the entire area controled by humanity and named Emswort in honor of the governor.   After his term passed and he was re-elected, his son then was elected as the next governor. The nation grew enough that this was changed to ruler, and when his son was also elected, this morphed into a kingship.
Nobility, Hereditary
Source of Authority
The people elected the first few rulers of Emswort . The position stuck.
Length of Term
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