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Emswort/Berkham War

Sentiment against science began souring across Murriet roughly a century and a half after the founding of the Teles Council. In respons, various scientists and other sympathetic people fled to the mostly unoccupied and unclaimed western coast of the continent.   This land was protected on the east by the Ellisbrook Mountains and had a sparsely populated northern region. None of the people of Murriet had spent much effort on naval forces, allowing the ocean to protect the western shore. This left only a small sliver of passable land connected the newly claimed area with their homeland of Emswort.   The isolation wouldn't last.   As sentiment for science continued to sour, the refugees in the new land further insulated themselves from the Emswort government. When the Library of Guines was burned, they saw their chance and declared themselves independent. Emswort busy dealing with the anti-science demonstrations, and couldn't split their attention.   A couple decades later, after the remaining remnants of scientific thought was stamped out elsewhere on the continent, Emswort turned its attention to Berkham. Both the anger from being abandoned and the religous zealotry of magicians turned Emswort's military to the western short of Murriet.   The war was long, a war of attrition. Berkham had fewer resources and soldiers, but there understanding of science both allowed them to build stronger weapons, and also nullified many of the advantages magic otherwise may have conferred. Yet, their numbers were too small for anything more than remaining on the defensive.   In 496, when the rest of Murriet again officially recognized the importance and benefit of science, the war ended. Emswort surrendered, but Berkham was too weak to demand any terms, leaving Emswort the losing side in name only.
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