Poneren The Burning of the Library of Guines

The Burning of the Library of Guines

Political event

25/10 20:00

To solidify their power base, the Teles Order destroyed the Library of Guines, blaming its destruction on a technological malfunction.

For a few years leading up to the Library of Guines' burning, the Teles Order spread lies and disinformation about what was going on in there.   With the people believing evil experiments were happening in the Library of Guines and that the work in the library was causing many of the problems they were seeing, a mob eventually formed and marched on the library.   The library would not have been able to be destoryed by the angry mob, but with them marching toward it and stories of dangerous weapons and explosives being built, it wasn't difficult for the Teles Order to burn the library to the ground. Most of the mob were still far enough from the site that they made it free before the crater started collapsing in around it.   Over the years, the stories of the burning of the library took on the aura of myth, with anyone even claiming that their family helped destroy that vile stronghold being honored.   Artifacts claiming to be from the library cropped up through the first dark age, and even though (or perhaps because) of their dark past, they sold for significant sums. They all proved to be fakes.   By the end of the first dark age and as the next scientific age began, the legends of and mythos around the library began to fall out of use, eventually taking on the role of ancient myth and nothing more.

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