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Eima Hartiss (I-meh Har-tiss)

Eima Hartiss (a.k.a. Ai)

Beautiful but frail, one of the earlier adopters of magic. She found the anger and loneliness in Dalin's early life endearing and wanted to protect him, but he never noticed. They didn't become close until after his discovery of magic. She wanted to learn and he was willing to teach. He worked with her, his sister and Orham to discover magic.   Eima is in line for the throne, and the target of Captain Harpe's plotting to rule Emswort. Eventually, Dalin was able to foil the Captain's plans, saving Emswort and Eima both.  


  As a magician, Eima's more easily capable of making changes to the world, via her aptitude for Gravitas. This leads to different ways of approaching magic than Dalin has, and ends up leading Eima to inventing her own approach to magic.   She is capable of recognizing how other people tend to interact with the world, and uses that to both further her own understanding, but also to help Dalin recognize and improve his skills.  

Magic Research

Magic Research 100
  Eima helped Dalin Gliss learn about magic. She helped him recognize the ability to start a fire in an impossible way (using wood instead of flint) and was the second person on Poneren to learn to use magic.   As a researcher, Eima focused on magic to help others. One of her favorite uses of magic was healing her friend's foot.  

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Eima's voice is high. Generally quiet, her voice can pierce the room when she's excited and around people she's comfortable with.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Sickly from birth, the midwives didn't expect Eima to live. She had a strong will and fought, but never got past being sickly. With her time isolated and ill, she has an innate pain when she sees the same isolation in others.   Her father was a wealthy craftsman in spite of his low class. Her mother was of a noble family, but she saw very little of her grandparents after her mother was killed. She grew up with her father and his love/hate relationship with the nobility in Emswort -- they desired Finnathan's locksmithing and jeweler skills, which provided a life of luxury for his daughter. But he hated them as the reason he lost his wife.


Mostly taught by her father, Eima managed to spend some time in classes in her 16th year because her father was hoping to find her a good match.


She assists her father with his locksmith shop.

Mental Trauma

Eima loves and hates her life and all her father provides. While she may wish she was more normal and tries to hide her affluency when she can, she knows that she would rather have than not.   Eima hates her name and all the "I'm a..." jokes that were made at her expense. Her isolation growing up led her to reach out for any contact she had with the rest of the world, causing her to both be hurt exceedingly when it pushed her back, and to reach out harder.

Intellectual Characteristics

Eima is intellectually curious, although had little opportunity to use that curiosity with the tutors she had growing up. They intended to teach her to be a proper lady, not a thinking woman.

Eima Hartiss


Primary Aptitude: Gravitas
Secondary Aptitude: Fortitude
Tertiary Aptitude: Aura
18 in 203 OP
Long, straight, light blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale almost sickly white
125 lb


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