Historical Writing

Historical writing is a skill where an author writes events as or after they have happened to record them for history. Rather than fictional writing or technical writing, historical writing is intended to record events. Historical writing should be independent of politcs and agendas, but the difficulty of doing so leads to interpretation needed when reading such writing.   Frequently through the history of Poneren, historical-style writing was used not for the recording of history, but rather for changing history or recording propaganda for the current populace. This was especially true during the time of the Guines Edict, when all history of technology was rewritten to expound on the problems and downplay the beneficial side of technology.  






Aura is required for the recognition and understanding of how the events being written about fit within the appropriate historical context.
Creativity is used to craft the history being told into a coherent and compelling narrative.
Knowledge is required to understand and use common patterns and methods for collecting and organizing the material or writing the final product.


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