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Orham Reinnard

Mind and mouth don't work at the same speeds, he's often mixing up his words or leaving off parts of sentences. His parents were well-to-do, but were cheated by a business partner whom fled to Darter. Unable to support themselves in the manner they were accustomed, Orham needed to find a job and couldn't work the family business.   A year younger than Dalin, he's the same age as Veria.  

Magic Research

  Hoping to talk to Eima Hartiss, he followed her after she left the winter festival, only to overhear Dalin Gliss talking about the magic he and Eima had discovered the day before. Veria Gliss convinced the others to allow him the chance to work with them. He gladly jumped at the opportunity, hoping to spend more time around Eima, but finding that he was good at learning odd types of magic.


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