Log Houses

Log houses are a technology that uses thick logs in forming the walls of homes. Rather than cutting the logs into thinner boards, entire logs are used. This leads to thick walls that protect from the elements, although the chinking used to seal between the logs may be insufficient and allow air and moisture through.  







Guines Edict

Manually building houses from logs was a forbidden technology, but magically binding logs together to create houses was acceptable. While it was difficult to discern between manual and magically built houses in the early days of the Edict, magical approaches improved leading to smaller gaps and less chinking used in forming the buildings. Additionally, magic often reshaped the logs leading to an unnatural or impossible look of the produced buildings.
Fortitude is required for the sustained work required in lifting and holding logs in place as the building is built.
Gravitas is required to recognize how the logs can fit to continue standing over years of weathering.


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