Boat Design

Boat design is a technology that uses an understanding of bouyancy to produce boats capable of floating. This technology encompasses a variety of types of boats and materials, as well as different types of water (rivers, lakes, bays, oceans).  







Guines Edict

Boating was a forbidden technology. Boat design was used by Tiveley as it had previously been building a fleet, but their fleet and work on it was grandfathered into the Guines Edict.   Under the Guines Edict, similar approaches to crossing water were done via magical means such as Levitation.
Aura is required for recognition of how different materials interact with the waters they intend to float in.
Gravitas is used to mold the source materials into a form that work together and withstand the forces of the water they are inteded to be used in.
Knowledge is used to understand common techniques and methods used in designing boats.


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