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Mountain Goats

On Poneren, goats roam the mostly impassable mountains between Emswort and Berkham.  


The goat stands roughly 1 meter high and 1.5 meters long. White fur covers it as protection from the elements at high altitudes, with hooves that assist in climbing the rocky slopes.  


The mountain goat appear alongside humankind in the pre-magic era. They quickly escaped any pens and fences that were created for them, and within several years no domestic goats could be found.   They migrated to the western mountains, being slightly more hospitable than the eastern ranges and further from people.   Once the nation of Berkham began to populate the western coast, they re-discovered the mountain goats. Capturing some, the animals once again began to become domesticated.  


Out of the mind of humans and the effects they magically had on the world, goats remained largely untouched and as they has been since pre-recorded history.   Even though they became domesticated, the Berkhamites avoided magic, leaving the animals unchanged.  


Mountain goats are used by Berkham for milk and meat. After the end of the Emswort/Berkham War, these products become some of the main exports from the region.

Basic Information

Dietary Needs and Habits

The mountain goat lives on the bits of grass that can be found between the rocky mountainous terrain.
Scientific Name
Oreamnos americanus
Geographic Distribution

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