Living between the Ellisbrook Mountains and ocean on the western edge of Murriet, the Berkhamites fled Emswort to escape the persecution technology faced.  


The main defining characteristic of a Berkhamite is their appreciation of and affinity for technology and science. They spend most of their lives studying and applying their knowledge.  


With most of their population living along the edge of the ocean on the warmer side of Murriet, Berkhamites most often wear shorter pants or skirts, light shirts, and thin breathable cloaks and hats for protection from the harsh sun.   Physically, Berkhamites are as varied as humanity as a whole, having emigrated from across the continent, not having come from a single lineage.  

Famous Berkhamites

Janna and Laurite Wilder, students at the Riselle Academy for Magical Girls and friends of Elina Bucknight were originally from Berkham.   When Elina Bucknight left Riselle a year prior to graduation, she joined the pair at their home in Berkham.


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