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The Efreeti Gloves

In the myths and legends surrounding the Tuatha de Dannan, Felanis Warmwind, the elven tempest, was known as the powerful and destructive of the mages within the group. Often compared to a walking cataclysm, he would rain fire upon any who stood against the adventuring guild. While a great sorcerer in his own right, Felanis's magic was greatly enhanced by the magical gloves that he wore and casted his spells through, the Efreeti Gloves.  


  The Efreeti Gloves are a pair of long, black, fingerless gloves, with a soflty glowing red gemstone affixed to the back of each. The material is some slightly stretchy fabric, making the gloves conform to the wearer like a second skin. The edges of the gloves are trimmed in gold thread, with this same thread weaving intricate, but faint patterns into the main material. The gemstones on the backs of each hand are nearly 3 cm across, though only rise above the material about 1 cm.


  It is not known exactly when Felanis made the Efreeti Gloves, though it was some time after the Tuatha de Dannan formally banded together. Due to the amplifying effects of the gloves, they became a permanent part of the sorcerers standard equipment.   Some time after the disbanding of the de Dannan, Felanis traveled for several decades as a sort of roaming folk hero. During this time, it was rumored that he had met and befriended another mage, who he began to adventure with. On his death bed, it is said that he gifted these gloves to his companion.  


  The Efreeti Gloves are know to greatly enhance the power and potency of fire based magics. I the hands of novice mages, simple spells such as firebolt and fire ball become severe threats to even veteran opponents. As for if a truly powerful mage were to use the gloves to their full capacity, destruction and devastation are all that would follow in their wake.


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