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Horn of Stars

The war horn of the Khel'Nasar, which summons "all true allies of Life"

The Horn of Stars is a war horn said to be carried by the Wing Lord of the Khel'Nasar, the aerial cavalry who protect the wild places on the world of Caer'Thun. According to legend, sounding the Horn summons all of the Khel'Nasar of Caer'Thun to its call.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

There have been a handful of occasions through history that the Horn of Stars has been sounded; the most recent of which was when Lyrissande Verbena called the Khel'Nasar to the final battle of the Tyrannen Invasion. Strangely, all witnesses to these events, including the Wing Lords themselves, claim that the Horn makes no sound at all. And yet, it is indisputable that the Khel'Nasar came to her call. They even claim that Nasar who were not connected to the order at all came to her call. How this works remains a mystery, but the most widely-accepted theory is that it is somehow attuned to a frequency that only the Nasar can hear.  
"I'm not sure what happened," said Selnaris. His hands were clasped behind his back and he was looking away from them, out the long windows of the tower room. Shaundar thought he heard the shrieking laughter of a child drifting up from the square below.   Selnar's hands knotted. "I was ready to evacuate, like they wanted. We were lifting out of atmosphere. And then I heard a horn." The hands stopped knotting, and his long, silver braid swung like a bell pull as he whipped his head around to face them. "It was a clarion call, ringing out in this pure, silver note, like the horns of the celestials. And I knew we had to go back. I knew we had to help." His gaze dropped. His jaw worked. "We won," he said softly, "but we were too late. Too late to save her. Too late to save so many."
The Mandate of Avalon by Diane Morrison

A Silent Clarion Call

There are numerous theories about how the Horn of Stars issues its call, and how only certain beings can hear it. Some believe that divine magic is the mechanism, and that is sufficient explanation for them. Others believe that there is like a tiny amount of Starmetal concealed somewhere in the structure of the Horn, and that this combines with the Mithril to issue a supersonic note that resonates with all creatures aware of the flow of Airts -- which would explain the particular combination of creatures and beings who have answered.


The Horn of Stars has become the badge of office of the Wing Lord. Indeed, it has become emblematic of the Khel'Nasar as a whole.   According to legend, the Horn of Stars was entrusted to the Khel'Nasar by Brighid, the goddess of inspiration, and Rhiannon, goddess of the air and its creatures, fashioned from the horn of Daedhu "Whitehorn," the famous bull fought over in the Cattle Raid of Cooley. According to Khel'Nasar oral tradition, they were admonished to only use it should there be a dire need, but that the sounding of the horn would call "all the true allies of Life to their aid."   It is said that Khel'Nasar, the Nasar themselves, Starseed Pilots, Ratatosk, and numerous creatures of the Void have come to the sounding of the horn at various times in history.
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Item type
Unique Artifact
Related Technologies
Owning Organization
68 g / 2.39 oz.
‎22.86 x 7.62 x 7.62 cm / 9 x 3 x 3 inches
Base Price
At least a King's Ransom
Raw materials & Components
The Horn of Stars is a white-and-black bull horn, with the tip severed to form a musical instrument. It is capped at the mouthpiece with Mithril that has been etched with runes, and it is banded by two mithril bands, etched with double-helix knotwork, with rings on the inside of the curve. These rings hold the strap that is used to carry the horn, which has, at various times, been braided leather, a heddle-woven belt strap, twisted horse-hair, sinew cording, and a variety of other practical materials.
Related Materials

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