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Keshal's Lightning Maker

In the 950s Vol, the Zaiyeve Keshal Yosolertun conducted research into electrical power that could be generated and used on ships and in other locations without access to geothermal power. He discovered that droplets breaking from a neutral stream of water could carry electrical charge, and that if drops with opposite charge were kept separate, the charge could be collected and used. To demonstrate this phenomenon, he created a device that would make sparks if water was poured through it.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

From a single source, water is directed into two thin streams, each falling through a separate tube with a metal mesh across the lower end. Between the tubes are two metal cans, insulated from each other. Each tube is lined with two metal collars, one in the upper half and one in the lower half which touches the mesh. The lower collar also touches the metal can closest to it, and the upper collar is connected by wire to the can on the opposite side.
The charging process begins by filling the source with water and opening flow to the streams.  The cans, and therefore the upper collars, begin with slightly different amounts of charge.  The imbalance separates the charges in the water, with positive and negative charges divided between the streams.  When the water falls through the mesh, the charge it carries is stored in the connected can.  The more charge is stored, the stronger the imbalance of charge between the upper collars, and the faster the charge collects.  It can be kept stored in the cans, or discharged through electrodes.


Keshal's lightning maker did not store enough electrical power to interest tideriders, but a Water Seeker witnessed one of his demonstrations and immediately recognized the potential of its electric field.  For the first and only time, an outsider was given an invitation to the Eddy.  As Keshal passed the device from Seeker to Seeker, the two questions he was asked most were: how many more could he make, and how quickly?  He refined the design, making it easier to hold and operate, and soon built the first lightning wheels.  The lightning maker he kept as it was, however, as a reminder of the singular honor it had earned him.
After Keshal's death, the lightning maker was kept on Zaiyev as one of its most valued artifacts.  Water Seekers who retired there took it upon themselves to see that it remained in good working condition, sometimes taking it apart and reassembling it to learn the principles behind lightning wheels.
Keshal's lightning maker was believed lost in the volcanic destruction of Zaiyev, but it reappeared in 2049 Vol and is now held by the Dancinglight of the New Eddy.


In the milennium since Keshal created the lightning maker, its parts have been repeatedly replaced as they wear down or break. This raises a philosophical question: is the current device actually Keshal's lightning maker? To those who have kept it, the answer is clear.  As long as it is not remade all at once, and continues to function as originally designed, it is Keshal's work even if he did not personally touch any of the pieces it now comprises.
Item type
Power Storage / Generator
Current Location
Current Holder
Although Keshal himself also built the first true lightning wheels, only this first version is still known by his name.

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