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Neverlasting Winter

The Neverlasting Winter is an artifact founded by the Feras when they first traversed the cold land of Soucriant in search for a place to live. Their desires brought life to the artifact, enacting them and brought life to an area for them. The Feras kept this artifact safe in the caves, where they built their civilization and cultivate plants and animals.  

Discovery of the Artifact

  It was during the coldest winter in Era 3 when Neverlasting Winter was discovered by stray Feras. They stumbled upon it when it was blinking during a snowstorm, as if desperate for help much like the Feras. The artifact was the only source of light and warmth, and in exchange, it was cleaned regularly and placed in the middle of the group. Feeling grateful of their constant care, the artifact granted them their desire to create a civilization for the Fera and brought forth life in the cold land.   Fearing the artifact will be snatched, the Neverlasting Winter is brought into a cave and planted deep into the mountains, providing life within the lands instead in the snow. The caves are used to establish civilizations and homes numerous Feras. The caves soon expanded the more Feras come and trained to become soldiers. The artifact began to grow to accommodate the numbers, turning into a monument of sort that becomes the source of Elemi for the Feras in Soucriant.

by MaR-93

The initial form of the Neverlasting Winter. The artifact was shaped as a lamp, serving to light and warm the holder or guardian of the artifact. It is then grew into a monument when more Feras inhabits the caves of Kholodno.
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