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Sword of Juptaas

For generations the kings of house Teriv have held the Sword of Juptaas. The Sword of Juptaas can melt down any door and defeat most foes with the powerful sting of its acid side. House Teriv used the sword as the symbol of their divine right to rule until it was misplaced by a serf and lost. The Sword of Juptaas is a bronze sword with the pattern of another smaller sword in the blade. The hilt is attached to a circular pommel, both of which are made of gold. On the hilt there are ten green gemstones: six placed in a half circle at the place where the hilt flows into the blade, and four in the centre in a straight row.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

To activate the power of the Sword of Juptaas its user has the gentle let his flat hand glide over the ten gemstones on its hilt. As their hands flows each gemstone begins to glow. Once all gemstone glow one has to simply swipe with the blade to produce its acidic attack.


The Sword of Juptaas is believed to be gifted to the founder of house Teriv by the gods themselves. Their ancestor, known as Teriv, was on a hunting trip with his uncles in the swamp of Juptaas.  Slowly he lost track of his party and his serfs and began to wander to swampland. Then a bogsnoek jumped out of the bog, and the unarmed Teriv was forced to fight the ferocious fish with his bare hands. Teriv stood no chance and he slowly walked backwards in preparation to flee when suddenly he tripped and fell over. When he looked at what he had tripped over Teriv saw that it was the hilt of a sword. Teriv pulled the blade out and swung it at the creature. With the swing came a streak of acid and the creature was burned away. Teriv then went on to found house Teriv and his descendants eventually took over the throne.
Item type
Weapon, Melee

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