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The Nebogs of Grell

Amongst the many wondrously foolish, unnecessary, foolhardy,  trivial, outlandish, and "accident" prone inventions of the Gnomish peoples, this one artifact stands alone as their greatest, most successful, and claimed invention known.  It is desired by individuals of all ancestries, inhabitants of regions, nobility status, and professions with the exception of the Dwarven people.   Dwarves are known to have decried the existence of the Nebogs of Grell and refute any claim by the Gnomes of the artifact's abilities. Dwarves are boisterous in their claims since they strongly believe Gnome spirits to be undrinkable, why would any one build or want a device that could provide a never ending supply.   Historians have noted that the acclaimed accomplishment of the creation of the Nebogs of Grell may be the source of the Gnomes dogged inspiration to pursue invention and experimentation.  A study of the nomenclature suggests that The Nebogs of Grell originated in the Gnomish village of Grell and its moniker of "Nebogs" is a simple anacronym for "Never Ending Barrel Of Gnomish Spirits."   Historians have also noted that the legendary, spectacular failures, and outrageously useless inventions (though successful) have emerged from the inspiration provided by the renowned success of the Nebogs of Grell.  many Gnome lives have been lost in pursuit of the replication of this famed artifact.  Many schematics and notebooks have been found and archived documenting the more recent, gnomish and otherwise, attempts to recreate the Nebogs of Grell.  To a last, each is stained with blood, tattered or burned form the spectacular explosions and fires resulting from the experiments.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Nebogs of Grell can produce up to 42 gallons of Gnome spirits in 4 hours.  It must be fully empty for it to engage in the creation of the spirits.  During the 4 hour cycle, no spirits can be withdrawn from it.
Item type
350 lbs., 25 lbs. empty
35" tall and 24" diameter cylinder


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