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The Humbler

The Humbler... perhaps the most famous mortal "weapon" in the history of Morgrave, surpassing Chrysoar, Brainbiter, Naegling, Carnwennan, and any other weapon from legend you can think of. The Humbler belonged to Godel Sootbelcher, the founder of The Black Brigandines, which is why it's also known as Sootbelcher's Candlestick.

The Legend

As the story goes, when Sootbelcher was recruiting members for his new school, he came up with an idea to show off how his combat style was superior to all the rest. He publicly challenged great warrior to a duel and asked them to choose his weapon. Every time, no matter what weapon they chose for him, Sootbelcher won the duel handily. His fame began to grow; his school filled up nicely but he also began getting more and more challenges to duels by warriors who wanted to beat the famous Sootbelcher.   One day, a warrior challenged him to a duel, Sootbelcher accepted, and the warrior chose for Sootbelcher's weapon a candlestick. Just a regular old bronze candlestick with 3 prongs to hold 3 candles. Sootbelcher paused for a moment and then nodded along. The crowd watched in shocked silence while Sootbelcher parried blow after blow and responded with rings to his opponent's helmet. After about a minute (much longer than usual) Sootbelcher had knocked his foe to the ground without taking a scratch. The crowd erupted and his school became the most famous school in the land - every kid in Krag-a-Krach wanted to learn how to wield literally "any" weapon like Sootbelcher.

The Humbler

Though it was only used in one fight, Sootbelcher did use it frequently at his school - whenever a student would mess up, Sootbelcher would strike them with his candlestick, stating "You'd be dead if this were war". Today, the candlestick hangs on the wall at the Cair Dennun School of War. Some express doubts that it's the original, but professional analysis so far has not been able to disprove that it's the one and only Humbler.


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