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Cloud Cover

Cloud Cover



  Cloud Cover is a bronze coloured metal shield, it is around the size of a frisbee and thus serves most creatures best as a buckler. A stout leather strap is attached to the backside, with buckles of the same metal as the shield itself. The front of the shield has a reflective sheen an if one were to gaze into it a vision of clouds floating across an endless blue sky will appear.  

Effects & Abilities

  • The bearer of Cloud Cover is protected from the elements at all times. (Persistent Endure Elements
  • The bearer is protected from elemental attacks and effects ( DR 15/- Cold, Electrical, Fire, Sonic)
  • The bearer is able to control the weather at will (10 Minute Casting Time Control Weather CL 20)
  • The bearer is able to project bolts of lightning from the surface of the shield (Standard Action 1/round CL 20 Lightning Bolt)

Rumors and Origins

  • Some say that a star fell from the sky and in the middle of the smoking crater which was once a farmhouse stood the glowing metal disc, that some enterprising soldier decided to strap some leather to. He bore the shield for years as he wandered as a mercenary, until he grew extremely drunk and lost it in a game of cards.
  • Some say a mage from the shattered collective devoted his (artifically lengthened) life to the creation of this piece of powerful magical art. His love of nature and the weather allowed him to pour much of himself into the shield, working on strengthening its enchantments every day of his studious life.
  • There are rumors that one of the corporations of The Ashlands (Region) worked with various clerics, mages, and otherworldly creatures to construct this powerful piece of technology/arcane art.

    Current Location and Use

      Cloud Cover is believed to be in the hands of one of the corporations of The Ashlands (Country) and used to perform experiments requiring large amounts of electrical energy. This shields ability to project a large volume of electrical energy certainly allow for some interesting possibilities. .
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