Blood Blade (/bləd - sôrd/)

Student 1
Master, would you tell of an ancient and powerful artifact?
Student 2
Oh yes! What about the ancient Guardian Sword?
Student 1
Those are a myth. Swords that let you communicate across the world, creating shields of protection and listening to your words to help you remember.
That is a dream of children.
All children dream of holding a Guardian Sword. With such a glorious sword one would surely become great. But, truth be told one needs to be careful what one asks for. For in the seeking of such treasures lies the trap. There are things easier to obtain that should not be sought.
Student 2
There is something as powerful that is easily obtained?
Not easily, but far more obtainable than a Guardian Sword. Be cautious, no amount of preparation will keep you from becoming something you do not want to be.
Student 1
You are speaking of a Blood Blade!
Student 2
Indeed you have been studying. Give me your attention and I will tell you of things best left where they lay.


  Blood artifacts are dangerous to everyone, especially to those who seek them. You may know of the more common and least offensive version of these artifacts the Blood Compass. These are minor blood artifacts which can be created by a blood mage or someone trained in healing and magical artifacing. Blood compasses are the least of the blood magic artifacts, and yet they are illegal as they are the first step in learning the necrotic artifacing arts. While a blood compass allows the tracking of a person's prior path, other blood magics are more dangerous to both the target and the user. The art of blood magic goes further. The necromantic magics are universally condemned by all the Alliance governments.   Blood Blades were created long ago by a powerful necromancer who sought to take control of the world. It was so long ago her name and description are lost to time. What is know is that she is the first to discover a secret to creating an artifact that could burn the blood of any user for its power. Blood Blades slowly consume the blood and soul of the users unless they kill other sentients with the blades. Continuous use of the weapons is said to drive the wielder mad. In spite of the threat of madness, there are many who feel that is a minor sacrifice, especially those who do not believe there is such a thing as a soul.   Blood Blades were created to fight Guardian Swords. So their powers somewhat align. A Blood Blade increases its wielder's strength, perception, speed, and accuracy. They also allow their holders to communicate with other Blood Blade warriors. The stories say that the army of the necromancer had ranks and that she held a special blood blade that could command all the others.   A few Blood Blades have been discovered and captured in written history. The capture of these blades allowed their properties to be studied by the Mage's Guild prior to their destruction. The Mage's Guild reported that the blades did hold many of the properties described in the stories and myths. They did increase the holder's strength, speed, and accuracy. They also did allow one holder to communicate across any distance with other holders of such blades. It was by this power that the Daggers were able to hunt down the remaining Blood Blades in use.   The Mage's Guild was unable to confirm the soul-eating or regenerative properties sometimes spoken of. Once again the gods have refused to answer any specific questions on the effects of the use of the blades. The one Dagger who temporarily wielded the Blood Blade to hunt down the other holders did not suffer any observable long-term detrimental effects.   These weapons are classified as a level 4 prohibited item (dangerous and universally illegal)   All known Blood Blades have been destroyed.  


The blood blades are all of a similar design.   The Blood Blades are all single-edged broadswords characterized by basket-shaped guards that protect the hand. Each sword has a unique set of quillons on its crossguards. Their back is unsharpened thickened metal which is why they are sometimes referred to as backswords.   Blood Blades are all made of an unbreakable, flexible, metal that appears to be a type of high-carbon steel. Their handles are wrapped in ribbed red leather with a sigil medallion pommel. There are four words in rune inscribed on both sides of the ricasso. The swords have a Damascus steel style the looks disturbingly like veins down the length of the blades which pulse with violet light when active.  

DM Notes

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Attunement Process

The attunement incantation is written in runes on the Blood Blade's ricasso. Saying the words of power while burning Mandrake and doing three 1 HP cuts to bloody the blade with one's own blood will attune the holder to the blade.  

Known Powers

Individuals controlling a Blood Blade have the ability to temporarily increase their natural abilities three times before needing to rest. If a creature is killed by a blood blade the Blood Blade's wielder's wounds are healed.   The Blood Blade may be activated up to three times per rest period. Once activated it will provide a +2 to strength, dexterity, AC, attack rolls, and attack damage for ten minutes. The Blade is activated by the wielder cutting themselves slightly (1 HP of slicing damage anywhere).   In addition to the activated powers, the Blood Blade allows instantaneous spoken communication with any other known Blood Blade holder by name.   Regardless of activation state if a creature of equivalent power to a mortal human (lion, tiger, bear, gnomes, halflings, fairies, etc.) is killed by the Blood Blade the wielder receives the equivalent of a long rest and major healing.   Any creature who takes damage from the blood sword must make a DC10 Wisdom save on failure lose 1 point of constitution. Constitution returns at the rate of 1 point per week of rest. If a creature is reduced to zero constitution they fall and cannot stand or attack.  

Mechanics & Inner Workings

uses wielder's soul and blood for power


illegal, necromantic magic
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Item type
Weapon, Melee
legendary (requires attunement)
2 lbs
32 - 36 inches long
Familiarity Level
level 4 prohibited (dangerous and universally illegal)
Danger Level
RED - Incredibly dangerous, you will almost certainly get a severe case of deadness if you use one. Also, a massive draw for megalomaniacs.

Archivest note: may explain the unusual circumstances of the disappearance of Richland Letter the Aelargian Bloody Regent and his companion.

Cover image: by Leeland Artra


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