The Dragons Heart

The Dragons Heart is said to be the soul of the Dragon kind. In times of great need it can be imbued to enhance the race or if a maleficent force were to capture they could enslave the race instead. It is said that this artifact was crafted by their god and given to them as a gift. Very few dragons know its exact location, usually vowing not to speak on it and some even having it erased from their memories in order to protect this sacred artifact.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Dragon scholars theorize that it was created by their god and given to the race as a gift. It seems to be able to used as a magical focus to effect the entire dragon race. If used in rituals or at places of great power it can be used to enhance dragons during times of great need or if the wrong force acquires it be used to destroy them.


It is the heart and soul of the dragon race. Through powerful magic it could be used as a focus to influence the dragon race. Most dragons know very little as this. Doing so to protect it from being used against them by those who would seek to either destroy or control them.
Owning Organization
A one of a kind artifact which its creation and origins are lost even to the dragons.
Raw materials & Components
It is a pure crystal orb that is inlaid with gold to secure it. The crystal looks like it holds the stars and shines even in complete darkness. If light shines onto it it will project its celestial image in the area around it.
No mortal could remake this artifact as it was forged by a god. It would have to be forged by the dragon god himself.


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