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The Tear

"The Tear" as its current owner has renamed it, is a precious stone, likely a sapphire, shaped in a tear-drop. It exudes a powerful, dark aura.  

The Acquisition

The current owner, Zeinstie Zekwir, an imperial Shadow Court agent, bought the item from a shady thief in Remnava. It seemed like an under-valued expensive stone, so she went for it. It was not the first time she bought something expensive in the Dark Lands since people there often needed money and would sell anything at any price. Her first idea was to bring it back home with her and sell it for the right price.   However, since its magical effects kicked in, she is no more sure about what to do.  

Magical Powers

While Zeinstie did not follow proper magical studies in the academy, she knew enough about it to understand the Tear must have a magical effect of some kind. It emanates a noticeable aura, so she thought it was a good idea to put it inside a barrier-bag, a piece of equipment issued by the Shadow Court to hide this kind of object.   However, apart from the aura, she had no idea what other effects it could have. She did not feel any stronger or braver when holding it. Ever since she got it, she did feel a vague sense of danger, as if she felt compelled to go back home, outside the Dark Lands. However, she had just arrived in Remnava when she bought it and seeing the effects of parasitic occlusion in the city had taken a toll on her mental health. So she could not be sure what caused her discomfort and attributed it to the plague's horrors.


Zeinstie did not know the item's origin, but she became increasingly sure it had something to do with the Dark Lands myths, maybe with the Dark Swan itself.   She knew of the Swan's Army and their search for a mythical artefact and started thinking it might be the item of their pursuit. In that case, they would do anything to retrieve it, so it would be better for her to go back home.   However, she wanted to know more about it and wondered if she could find an Alńe out of the city and show it to them, only to have more information to sell it, of course, not out of morbid and dangerous curiosity.   Whatever significance it had for the Dark Lands, her first goal remained to take it outside and sell it for a large sum of gold.
Current Location
Current Holder
Unique Item
About 4 cm
Base Price
Several thousands imperial marks, invaluable if related to the myth

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