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Senses Chest

The Senses Chest is an old walnut apothecary chest, comprising thirteen central typography style drawers and two columns of square drawers on each side. The original handles, still present in about a half of the drawers, are brass, in the shape of a reptilian talon. Elsewhere, the handles have been replaced by an assortment of other knobs in various shapes and materials.  

Known history

by Eric McLean
  The chest is currently kept in a locked room of the Hottest Spices shop, having traveled for about 7 years on board of The Ferret with its current owner. The object was previously in possession of Capitain Nadine 'The Handsome' Anderton, who lost it in the capture and raid of her ship by the crew of The Ferret. It is unknown how Capitain Anderton came in possess of the chest, but it seems unlikely that she was the original commissioner of the piece as it looked already very old when it was subtracted from her custody.     It is currently in possession of Master Yarik who negotiated it as his part of the booty at the time of the capture and then brought it with him when he took on the management of Hottest Spices.    

A singular property

  In appearance only a simple apothecary chest, its drawers seem to be enchanted to change their content every time they are opened. Only a few of the items contained in it are static and can be reliably retrieved from their own drawer, among those The silver tipped quill.   The rest of the drawers contain every time different materials and items with interesting and novel sensorial properties: sometimes it's exotic and rare spices, sometimes it's bottles of essences, in rare cases it even manifested live creatures. The size of the drawer doesn't seem to have any link to the item retrieved or to its size. Yarik seems to have acquired, in the years, some understanding and a minimal control over the object that the chest can materialize.

Hottest Spices

  On the slopes of a volcano, a strange individual took possession of an old apothecary shop and transformed it in a centre where the Sensory Stupor is studied and where a lot of affected people head to hoping for some help.  
Hottest Spices
Building / Landmark | May 17, 2024

An apothecary shop specialized in the stimulation of the senses.


The silver tipped quill

  One of the always available items of the Senses Chest, this quill is used in quite an unconventional way by its owner.  
The silver tipped quill
Item | Mar 17, 2022
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