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The Eye of God

"Do you really see everything, Lord of the Burrow?"
"No, my child. Not everything, but enough to know that this is a dangerous matter."

The Eye of God is, literally, an eye of a god, but in the form a diamond. Mentioned briefly (not by name) in The Peacock's Sacrifice, or How the Human Pantheon was born, A gnome deity Segojan Earthcaller got a small sliver of a powerful, magical diamond stuck into his eye. It awarded him with new magical powers, of which one of the most important ones was to see magic around him. It worked like a detect magic spell, but permanently if one was to concentrate on using it. With his divine powers, the eye was just one of his assets in fighting the evil deep underground in the cosmological quarrel of Theomachy. It also helped to see in the dark.

In-game, Titus Skysong got this gift from the Lord of the Burrow himself.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

It was a small sliver of a huge, shiny diamond full of light, of which once was born one of the human gods, Cyrillon. Inherently magical artifact which has soaked in divine energies is no small deal. The power of the stone seems to be ancient, even older than that of the divine origin, as it seemed to have existed before Segojan Earthcaller found the stone itself. It needs a caster to use it properly, but how does that happens seems to be tied with the Weave itself, or even beyond it.


The Eye of The God is an arcane artifact. It is powerful enough to work when Soultraveling and acts as an asset in the dreamscape.
Unique. No other exists.
Half of the size of one's clenched fist.


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