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Soultraveling, dreamwalking, soulflight. This Magical phenomena of controlling one's soul during an out-of-body experience has many different names, depending on the people you ask. The Elvenkind knows it as soultraveling, and they have been cultivating the art for the longest of the races that still exist in the world. Talented high-elf mages often take upon the tedious task of learning how to separate one's soul from the body and travel trough different layers of reality, and it is thought that soultraveling is easier for the elvenkind to learn, as they, instead of dreaming like many other races, enter the Trance instead, in which they are more in control than your average human in their dream. For deeper explanation of Elven Art of Soultraveling, See The Elven Art of Soultraveling.     Soultraveling can be achieved by many different means. Some monks meditate, wizards practice their incantations, clerics tend to pray to their gods and goddesses, shamans eat freshly picked mushrooms or roots which are not safe for everyday consumption, and so on. There are numerous ways to achieve the same result, and it is only up to the power of the performer of the rite what the outcome will be. In general, the soul leaves the body and is able to move between layers of reality; many seek answers from the foggy glimpses of future, some find solutions they had missed from the past, and some use it to visit each other even if they would be physically on the other side of the continent.


When one's soul leaves the body, the body left behind looks like it would be just sleeping. The soul, now free of earthly chains, can traverse as freely as their owner's powers allow it.

Side/Secondary Effects

If the body is disturbed by harming it, the owner feels a small pull which hints that they should probably return. If the owner is unable to return, and their body dies while their soul has departed, the soul gets trapped into whichever realm they were in. Eventually, depending on the caster, the soul usually starts to fade with time; yet it would take eons for the soul of an archmage to wither away, and in rare cases they might even grow more powerful if the realm they are in is favorable.   If somebody kills or traps the soul of the caster while they are soultraveling, they are usually gone for good, unable to move forward without special help and they fade out of existence when they don't have a body to return to. The Body, left in the original reality of the caster, acts and looks indistinguishable from the state of coma to normal people. Only a high-level caster would be able to tell the difference. Usually the body dies when the autonomic nervous system eventually starts to fail.
Material Components
Varies greatly.
Related Discipline
The Clergy of certain Gods and Goddesses, Divination wizardry and other higher, more refined areas of arcane studies.
Related School
Effect Duration
Until one is disturbed
All levels, but how long you can soultravel and which assets you bring with are fully dependable on one's magical power and knowledge
Applied Restriction
Limited to creatures which have a soul.

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