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Sun Weapons

The Sun Weapons are the status symbol of the best of the best within the Order of the Flame, the greatest of their knights will be seen wielding one of these mighty weapons, from the time before the migration. The History of them is unknown, each has runic writing in a script that no one can read even with help from Magic nothing seems to translate them, many believe those Runes are what give the Weapons they mighty powers. That the weapons were gifts of the gods and shouldn't be tampered with or any attempts to replicate them are doomed to failed, as they were created by the gods to give they champions support against the dangers in the world.   There are many sun weapons in many different forms, from Hammers and Axes to more elegant rapiers and longswords. They only every seen being wielded by the Orders Greatest Knights, and if one every falls to one their enemies, the entire ORder will drop everything to hunt down and recover the weapon of their God. No evil doer can either pick the weapon up without taking terrible burns and scars while doing so, so wielding them is almost impossible. There is rumours of one Sun Weapon becaming blacken and dark by a corrupting ritual carried out by the darkest worshippers of the Chained one. No Order member would confirm or deny such a heretical story. And will just say that all true Sun Weapons are held within their temples or wielded by their knights.,   Each Weapon glows with an aura of Light, some in dark red while others in bright sunshine Yellow, and variantions of colours between those two extremes. Each as 2 runes the same while multiple others that are different every weapon, there are multiple examples of each rune but no weapon is known to have the same set engraved on them.
  As base weapon with a +2 to Hit and 2D6 additional Radiant damage against evil or chaotic creatures. If every used against innocent or good creatures, the Damage is done to the wielder. Any Evil aligned creature who pick up the weapon will take 2D6 Radiant Damage per Turn and have to take a CON save or is stunned for the round.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Rare and each is unique.

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