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Order of the Flame

To protect the innocent, to defend the weak, and to burn out the corrupting influence of the Dark Brethen of Chained and Reviled
— Knight Commander Richard Graen, when asked what the Order Motivations are
  The Order of the Flame was there at the great migration of the People of the Bavan, dedicated to protect those great trains of people heading to the east. Protecting them against any danger, getting the bodies batter and brusied to defend those weaker and less able than themselves. They follow the Sunlord Barbossa defending his people against all, in the modern age, they standard as a guardian of the light against the darkness of the Cults of the Betrayers, or other beings of evil and darkness. They are sworned to protect the innocent, with locked shields and honourable combat. Protected by fell magic of by the ancient blessings woven into their cloaks, armour and weapons. They will be found standing against the dark, they are the first to enter and the last to leave any fight against such beings.   They are a group of Warrior-Monks, wearing heavy armour and some of the best wield the Legendary Sun Weapons of ancient times. They spend as much time in pray as they do in training or duty.


The Grand Paladin is the head of the Order, at the present time that is Douglas Morgan, he is the only person who can command the entire Order to a single task. Below him are the Priors the leaders of each of the convenants of knights spread across the dawn ward and further afield in other parts of city and either other worlds as they callings require. Each of the Priors as 5 Knight Commanders which are his Hands and do majority of the day to day running of the Order. Each Knight Commander as 2 Lieutenants who run any operational activities, like running down cults and investigating any leads discover that need the Orders attention. Beneath each Lietenant is a number of squads of Knights each lead by a Knight of Justice these tend to be the operationally unit, single units are often used to clean out the latest hidey-hole of groups like The Limitess Knowledge and the Black Court.


The Order believes in honourable combat and a dedication to truth and innocent. When not training, on duty, Knights are found studying or mediating on such truths.

To stand against the Dark, to Defend the Innocent and Protect the Weak


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