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Language of the Sun

How am I suppose to know what it says, all I know is if I hold this Hammer, it glows with the power of the Sun, I don't need to know why, or if these dam Glyphs have anything to do with it, So get lost scholar and let me get on with my job
— Richard Graen
  The glyphs which are seen on the Sun Weapons which are very much a lost language, assumed to be from the time before the great migration,   No one a 100% sure if the glyphs are letters, words or something else, but they seem to be the source of the weapons power, as they glow with the fires of the Sun. Each weapon seems to have 1 glyph the same and the rest are different combinations of around 20 different glyphs. The common one is assumed to be used to tied the individual weapons to the the whole.  

The Great Expedition

  One of the reasons why House Elvan is helping to sponsor the Expedition is to hope to find more primary sources of the glyphs, in larger amounts to hopefully help to decipher the Language and learn its use, and maybe either to create the magic rituals that must have been used to create the Sun Weapons. Potentially pushing forward the knowledge of Magic, native to Bavan, and its people rather than hidden away in the Crystal Tower of the Mages.

Writing System

20 Individual Glyphs / Runes, on the weapons they seem to be group within 3 to 8 together.


No examples outside of the Sun Weapons have been found, so no understanding either after centuries of study of the runes found on the sun weapons. No one sure if their mean words, letters or something else. Scholars do keep trying to make sense of the what they have.
The Glyphs of Richard Graen's Sun Hammer, recorded by the archvist Janus Dragrin of the City University.


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